Hello people,Do you know something?

Dont want to know it?

Get lose faster

Want to know it?Come and hear it now at my notes

If you love someone how you show your love to he/she?

You will buy he/she some flower?Will buy he/she some coklet?

No no no you all dont need have to buy some stupid think just like this.

Flowers just can stay about 1 week.Coklet eat will finish.

Something finsih that mean it over?

No comment about that

You break up wite your bf/gf?Pity you dont be sad okey.

But you love he/she so much?But you still have to accpet it mabye you and he/she dont have the malay people call 'jodoh' in chinese people call 'yuan hen'

But i still cant forget he/she?

Mabye you and he/she is no complet fall in love

For the information dont becase a he/she you make yourself so pity

Is unfair to you okey.

No one perfect in this world even you try to be a perfect girl or boy.

But you cant we have to remember this word NO ONE PERFECT IN THIS WORLD

Sorry for any grammer mistake or broken englis :)

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