About my three big sister.But not real sister :)

Frist my cutie sys stay at JB.Her name is Eztay.People call she amoy Ezaty.Cute right?Want she?Oh can't she have be taken by someone.She is mixtured Chinese and Malay.She very kind,good,friendly.Even she look like hot stuff but she really nice wite me.I really love you sys.Hop we can always being together.姐姐我真得很爱你,不要离开我。
Secondly,Anna Dayana my hardcore sys.She really cool right?She makeing for me this sign in photo.So don't dare to take it away form me.Sys sys i suka jadi gila dengan dia.Kadang-kadang buat macam orang gila.I love her pierchings speiker hair dressing.It awesome and style.I can't have it becase i did wear tudung go to school so i can't cover it.So just have to wait till i finish my school.Sys i just want to say saranghae i really love you.

Lastly.Yana xiaobai 雅娜小白,She is my sys that still learning how to speak chinese well.Sometime she call me teacher cynthia.Sometime amoy pulak haha.She really kind and good.She the bigger sys that i never have before.So i sangat hormat dia.Now we rarely talk becase she busy workking.And now rarely online to.Sys 不要离开我好吗〉我真的爱你咯

This photo i edit it.Nice or not?Kind long photo.

Tiga tiga neyh my sys ter rapat lah at facebook.So hop we can meet one day.Really hop so.I love you all sys :)

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