My Mummy :)

HAAH know who is my mummy?Acuatly not my real mummy but i take she as my mummy and i am his daugther.Nadd Azizan You all mesti weird right.Why i sometime just post about my malay friend but did post about my chinese friend?Yes i will post it don't worry okey?I not just friend wite malay only people call me Amoy 1 Malaysia perasaan right? :P

Anyway start story form my mummy.Mummy acuatly kita pernah kenal at myspace dulu right mummy?Mabye mummy did remember but I stil remember it?But that time if i did get it wrong that was i am 13 years old only.And time to mummy stay KL lagi right?Dulu I though you are hot stuff mana layan low class just like me right?HAHA now mummy dah pindah mai penang and stay pun tak jauh dari I.So hop you enjoy stayying and penang and welcome to my country mummy :P
Mummy even we just know each other but i love you mummy even tak pernah meet or what.But hop we can meet some day.Alah stay dekat jew pun kita.我爱你mummy

Below is my mummy photo :)

Cute right my mummy?Just like her daughther perasaan gila i neyh :P
But mummy it mine don't take it away form me :)

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