I don't have any happy ending

Hello guys,Today kind moody for it.I fell so sad since yesterday,Why? Maybe cause someone who I love is taken by another girl that more better and pretty than me.I know who I'm,I'm not pretty or a rich girl and with a cute face.I just a poor girl with a ugly face and no one like it.I don't get it why always this bad stuff happen at me.Even he is not so important for you but maybe for me it is,cause girl will have feeling than same goes you to I think so.Maybe cause god is testing me for it.But I can't do anything now.I JUST CAN PRAY WITH MY REAL HEART AND WISH YOU HAPPY WITH THE GIRL THAT YOU LOVE <3

Talking about another guys,Who?A boy that same school with me.Oh my god,He totally look like " HE " who is " HE " the guy that up there that I talking about :P .You don't like it just FUCK OFF DU .Oh my god,serius day by day I fell like that I'm in love with " HE " the first day I saw he I don't have any feeling with " HE " cause went I saw " HE " I just act like I saw he in front of me ( the he is the boy than I talking about up there .I don't get it way day by the day,I have the same feeling with " HE " even we are random and never talk before this.

Went the first day I know about he is,My friend say that I and " HE " can be a couple cause my friend say that he is Chinese but same like me friend with Malay and he good at his Malay to.I'm wondering who is " HE " ?And my friend saw his face to me oh my god,His face is totally cute enough and " HE " kind like less talking boy.Oh my god,Help me please (:


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