I'm change

Hey all blogger views.Today I'm going to story about me.Hah about me?Haha must be weird right why I'm talking about me actually I'm just nothing.Okay I'm going to say that I'm Change I not a old cynthia anymore and pleas please don't judge me for this post please?I'm going to story all about my bad stuff and what I do before.But don't think negative about this post even I'm naught and sosial but I still have my virgin okay?

Okay as you know went I was small I don't have any boyfriend cause I tak macam budak sekarang baru darjah6 sudah couple apa lah :P .Went I was form1 I open my relationship with a guy,But seriusly I say I don't know he is a bad guy I mean like bad guy yang minta badan some thing like this lah.But sorry okay I will not give my body to you cause I'm not stupid even I only 13 that time.Okay that I still small I learn to drunk and smoke yes I know it rude and bla bla bla .but who's care right?

I do smoke and I do drunk and I'm a player to it mean playgirl to but that is a long time ago.And today I will change and throw all this stupid stuff.I will try to be nice cause as you guy know.If you be nice god will bless for it right?And I hop god bless for me for this all.Cause you know what I fall in love with a guy and his name begin in E haha :P

And at the sametime I have condition to change for all those bad stuff.Have a guy come into my life and I know he just the way like this.Oh my god,He and me promise will change haha that why I fell like am I fall in love again?I think I have been a long time did fall in love with a boy haha :P

Whatever okay?Okay now I'm not the old Cynthia anymore azam baru 2011 cewah :P

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