Story back (:

Hello guys,Good night and how are you? I'm pretty fine for always (: Okay today I'm going to story the moment of yesterday on 29.1.2011 about 8:15 like this I think I can't really remember the time cause I waiting he kind long.But nevermind cause I do for waiting he (:

In yesterday I going to summit about 10 am in the morning the door did open yet and I keeping waiting for my friend.I though it did open so early but I get it wrong cause it open already but I don't know cause I going to summit for playing bowling.And I waiting for my friend and my friend is in their.And went I in the bowling center OH MY GOD,It so many people at their and it is some competition at their so we must wait till 1 o'clock like this only can play.Okay nevermind just wait for it.I play for 2 frame and I the only girl play at 2 frame actually have one more malay girl play to.Oh my god,I don't really know how to play bowling haha :P I lose for it xD

The time went I finish my bowling game My hand is full with a boy name from capital E.I send he a msg and say "you kerja ke? " and he say " A.ah lol ,why? " and I say "Ingatan nk ajak jumpa " and he say can but must wait about 7 o'clock like this and I say I SANGGUP TUNGGU YOU HABIS KERJA <3 .

I wait and wait and wait and finaly about 8 :15 like this he coming oh thank god,And I walking and up and he saw but I can't saw he cause he at down stair :P haha and he do some rat voice and I twice my hand take a watch and it he their (; ph my god,His face handsome cute and mostly important manjanya (:

And we ronda ronda and we sit moto okay?Oh my god.Bayangkan lah I duduk moto and dia bawa moto macam haram jandan mia laju Dia boleh ambil tangan I peluk dia haha sweetnya :P eh eh if korang tak suka I post apa jangan baca tahu tahu tak heran pun korang nak baca ke tak (: okay continue my story (: and and he say want to berlanja me eat but I don't want cause fell shame using people money :P

And and dia we went to cc about half an hour.Eh macam bodoh jew budak cina yang jaga cc to dah PC problems tukar lah an tak kan biar jew duit dah bayar.Dia dok mengampuk apa tah.Nasib I tak mengadu about you if tak hah mati ah kau -,-

And and I say I want to go back already and he send me back eeeee I will always remember this kiss babe.I will always waiting you (:

If you don't like want I post about it just FUCK OFF dude.This my business not yours okay? So don't busy body thank you

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