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Hey guys,How are you?I'm totally fine THANK YOU .Okay today is going to share something about dating haha weird right?Just want to share how I spend the time went I going out with friend or boyfriend (but I'm solo now (: )

First thing I will do is my dressup.Went you going out with friend or boyfriend not need to over or sexy whatever just be simple cause people say simple always is good (: if you to sexy people may think bad about you or think you to over at something.

Secon thing I will do is money.I will check my money first for sure that I have enough money to hangout with friend or boyfriend.If I don't have any money I still will hangout to and go for some " CUCI MATA " haha :P

Third thing I will do is went the time we hangout we did make people fell that we are so bore at it.If for who know about me they will know I'm funny person and like to making some joke for sure.I will smile for whole day and non stop talking ith my friend.If with my boyfriend but I'm solo now okay? Haha If th boyfriend I will kind rarely talking cause fell shy and sometime some of people don't like use talking so much it will fell like use is KPC haha :P

Fourth thing I will do is where did my friend or boyfriend go I will follow them.Cause sometime their like shoping and need some out look we need to help for it than (:

Lastly the most important thing I will do is movie an eating my favorite okay haha (: I will watch movie for alway hangout not always see myfriend or boyfriend have that mood or not first.And about eating oh my go that is my love you know that why I kind chubby and fattyh haha :P I do like eat after hangout seriusly I say haha (:

Thi is the way if I always hangout with my friend enjoy it please <2

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