Can someone teach me how to make a boy accept use?

Hey can someone teach me how to make a guy trust use and believe use and accept use to his life?I don't know why just like without he I can't go on my life for a day.Chill girl I'm.Hmmm cause I'm a girl that kind choice cause I did accept some random to my life.Cause boy hurt my heart before.And I fell like want to be a player it mean like play girl but I know it chill for me cause a boy I do this stupid stuff.Cause not all boy same like my ex boyfriend.I believe this world have more boy better and nicer than them.And I think I'm seacrh a boy just like you capital E.I know you maybe will not accept me cause I'm not pretty or cute.I just a simple girl with nothing.But I just want you to know that.YOU ALWAYS IN MY HEART CAPITAL E .

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