Shit day -__________-

Today 21.3.2011 is the nice day to cut my hair cause I'm going to have my new life , new ugly look whatever -,- haha.Okay today I and my mom going to hair salon.Bila dah sampai depan pintu hair salon to kedai tutup pulak.Memang cari pasal betol salon to haha :P .Dah lah I tengah rajin nak potong rambut nerd aku yang berazam masa 2011 hari to.Now dah cukup panjang untuk ikat rambut to yang rajin nak potong.But at the moment the hair salon didn't open.Errr -,- Hate it.Much of them ask me why I don't want let my hair long.And my answer I fell like lazy to tie my hair to school.You know I'm chinese that why I didn't wear tudung so I have to tie my hair up if my hair is long.And one more thing it so difficult went your are washing your hair.It to long some time to wash it.

So my oppion is short hair more better.But some of boy like girl is in long hair.But for me long and short hair is the same.Long look pretty and nice.Short look cool and style :D

So boy please don't like a girl because she have a long hair.It so weird and crazy -______- haha.

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