Annoying guy.


Okay seriously guys I say I really hate that Annoying guy. I tak tahu kenapa dia nak bohong aku dengan kwn aku fara. Semata-2nya dia yg msg aku dulu than boleh dia bgthu kwn I yg I msg dia sbb nak tanya benda. Dey macha, Sejak bila eh? You the first one text me you know? If I didn't text you. You say that I'm annoying or arrogant. Damn you fucker. How dare you lie about use with each other.

I really fell disappointed about he. Firstly I though that he is a awesome and nice guy. But I know he as well. What that my friends and his friends say about he all is the true. I'm so stupid that didn't believe at the firstly. Shin such as a stupid girl :/

Okay now I will get lose as fast as I can from your life. I may love you at the first but I hate you with a end.

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