What friends mean ?


Hello guys so saw my title post right :s::s:Good:r: so today I'm going to tell you what are true friend mean. Actually today post it make me sad cause sometimes I don't get it why sometimes my friends if they need me they always remember me , but even they have a new friends or not it trouble they will do lie nothing happen between you and me :6:

Okay so let start it :o: A REAL FRIEND mean :

-A friend brings gifts to your party -A true friend comes early to help prepare and stays late to help clean up -A friend hates when you call after midnight -A true friend asks why you took so long to call -A friend seeks to talk about your problems -A true friend seeks to help you with your problems -A friend wonders of your romantic history -A true friend can blackmail you with it -A friend acts like a guest when visiting -A true friend walks in and helps him/her self:face35:

-A friend expects you to always be there for them -A true friend expects to always be there for you:face26:

-A best friend is someone who.. no matter what the situation.. is always there to listen. They hold you when you cry, and cry from laughing so hard. They always understand your problems and always have a way to cheer you up. They know all of your secrets and you know all of theirs. My best friend is a girl named Renee. She has been my best friend since forth grade and will be my best friend for the rest of my life. Renee knows me better then I know myself. She knows when I am lying, upset, anxious, anything. She knows everytime my parents fight, and every joke I have ever learned. We do everything together. I would not be the same person with out her.:face45:

-A real friend will like you for your personality and actions, not your assets. Assets can be money, a car to give rides, a place to hang out, sex, whatever. False friends are after your ass or your assets. The true friends are usually unearthed during a time when you are broke. “A friend in need, is a friend indeed”.:face42:

-I may have few very good friends, but i can certainly say, a friend is someone who will hug you when you cry, will say your beautifull and amazing when you are feeling down and unhappy. A friend is someone who can make you cry of joy because you see the. Iknow people say this alot, but a friend in need, is always a friend indeed. I'll repeat it to many times but i believe in that. And im glad you asked this, because everyone will have a diffrent opinion to it. thanks...':face24:
- Friend is a word with a lot of meanings . A friend is a gift of God . A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift .A friend is someone who fills our lives with beauty,joy and grace. A friend will never boss you around or call you dreamful names. A friend is someone who admires a person's skills and helps or encourages them to make the right choices .We call them our best friend or B.F.F.this means best friends forever .A friend is someono who helps you when you are in troubles,someone who is there for you always in good and bad times .:133:

-A friend is someone who stays stuck to you no matter what happens. A friend would help you when you need them, they wouldn't say crap behind your back and know you well like a sibling. A friend is someone who makes you happy and not someone who would make you feel stressed when you're around them and you can tell them stuff that you can't tell others. They can keep secrets like it was their own.:face2:
-I'm glad this question is up, I wanted to see what others think of as a friend and this page was really helpful.:face52:

Okay now guys get it what friends mean ? So please don't ignore your friend for non reason it to sad you know hmm :face59:

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