16 may 2011


Hello guys , okay what is the date for tomorrow ? Can someone tell me ? Oh gosh is teacher day haha :P . Okay tomorrow monday is teacher day but we didn't celebrate it at school cause our senior are still exam. And my exam will coming soon in 18 may. Oh god , help me cause I'm so afraid for my mid year exam. Hop that I can do the best for it.

About teacher day , my school will celebrate it at 27 may it mean the last day schooling cause after this we have 2 week holiday . Oh yeahh will feel relex abit maybe I think so. Okay , in here I don't know want to give what to my form teacher and my form teacher she teaching me math and serious sometimes she so fierce and I'm so afraid haha :face41:

Okay in here I just want to say for all have teaching me before this Thank you teacher cause for your patience and caring , kind words and sharing I just want to say " THANK YOU " .:face76:

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