Okay I don't know what should I post for today so I decide to post about my classmate. Actually right My classmate they kind like childish how to say it I'm not really sure but seriously some of them look so umature. And they so rude with every body even teacher. They don't know what call respect . And talk with teacher just like talking with your friends. And I was just like Omg how can she speak like this to a teacher. And you know is SHE a girl. It's so rude for a girl. I don't really like my classmate at all. Lazy and be a copy cat always copy my homework. Errr you must try even you know that you can't do it. But sekurang-2nya you try before dripada you tak try langsung is really show that you are stupid right? So please okay be yourself :face46:

I hop that I can't finish my school faster or change to another school after my PMR so wish me luck okay ? So that I can get a good result even I got all B I really happy. God bless me

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