I'm so affected


Angel Nerdy as I know about she.Actually she is chinese to but can speak malay fluent if I didn't get it wrong.I never hear she speak malay before so I don't know. But she can write in malay shortfom that is awesome(: Okay what is the motif for posting about she ? Okay I just sign in my facebook and suddenly I got a tag from she. And I was just like shock Omg she post about me. Actually not really me. Her title is " mostly budak hotstuff memang arrogant " oh yeah agree what that you say. I'm friendly but not hot stuff lah beb :face76:

I just a simple person yeah , no people are perfect same as out side there to. So you you just ignore yang those who arrogant with you yeah ? Dia pe mmg no life fikir sendiri hot padahal dia pe yg tak sedar dlm hati tuhan dia all are low class just a cheap stuff xD :face66:

So beb just ignore them those be arrogant with use yeah :n:

Guys what to see her post ? Sure why not I'm so so so sos terharu sampai nak nangis pun ada xP

Her blog kind simple but awesome seriously like that background and design so much :face9:

Do visit and follow her blog if you guys don't mind :face64:


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