How heavy is your blog weight ?


Press here to balanced it Website Speed Test

My blog weight is 59.55 KB not to heavy if you blog weight is over than 100 KB mean your blog is over weight . That why some of them who want to view your blog , and your blog load to slow. Because maybe you put to many nonsence stuff at your blog. So you need to delete some.


KawaiiLovah said... [Reply to Comment]

lol!! Too many nonsense stuff.. Love that!! XD

KawaiiLovah said... [Reply to Comment]

WOW!! Now i know what you mean.. >_<
I need to remove alot of things *or maybe not XD* in my blog.. Mine's 87.27.. TT^TT

Ernie Rosnizar said... [Reply to Comment]

Blog I just 54.15 KB , jyeahhh (Y) :)

CynthiaShin 欣倪♥ said... [Reply to Comment]

@Ernie RosnizarGood then :)