Transparent copyright for simple template


So today I want to teach you guys how to create a transparent copyright like mine just for simple template user only. Cause before this my friend he ask me before how to create a transparent copyright like mine.

So let begin this tutorial guys :1:

1step . Dashboard - Design - Edit HTML - Tick expand widget template search for this code.
<div class='content-cap-bottom cap-bottom'>

Got it ? So 2step try you look below the code have a code similar like this right ?
<div class='content-cap-bottom cap-bottom'>
<div class='cap-left'/>
<div class='cap-right'/>

So you just paste this code.
<center><img border='0' src='URL Image'/></center>

Below <div class='cap-right'/> ,Understand ? Can't understand what I mean ? So let the picture explain it haha :face5:

Understand now ? So enjoy this tutorial and give me a like or comment. :130: baiii

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