Webcam with my sister Anna Dayana


This is my handsome sister Anna Dayana . I love she more then I love my boyfriend :face50:Without she just like without rain a year. Kita jadi adik/kak angkat sudah lama. Almost one and a half year if I didn't get it wrong.

She always give me some opinion , advice and support. Maybe her style make people feel like she is a noty girl or what-ever. But you are wrong , she is a good person. She have a good attitude. So don't misunderstanding it.

So please don't take she away form me ? Nak dia jadi kak angkat you all ? Serious tak bagi aku jealous haha , Aku tak suka tengok orang yang aku sayang manja dengan orang lain . Oh yeah I'm selfish ? Yes , I'm who care's

Note for my sys : Sys I love you more then anything , without you serious I don't know what will happen with me .

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