So today Korean students is coming to my school , what do u feel is Korean students coming to your school ? Excited ? Happy ? Weird ? Sad ?

For me of course I feel excited and happy cause first time korean is coming to my school , not petukaran pelajar but is persahabatan Korea with Malaysia if I did get it wrong . So Korean students is coming to my school around 8.20am like this .

Omg , I can't believe I saw it . Korean girl look Pretty , kawaii and they have a white skin , Korean boy much of them wearing glasses but there hair omg serious BOLEH TERGODA . I saw a korean students his hair like bruno mars curly hair , but it still look awesome .

They will studying English at my school for 3days . So I hop all gone well .


eyka said... [Reply to Comment]

hey, u sekolah mane ek ?

CynthiaShin 欣倪♥ said... [Reply to Comment]

@eykaSmk permai indah , I rasa u taktahu kud at where .

KawaiiLovah said... [Reply to Comment]

Why only three days? :D