Last day korean students in our school #memory

Hell-oh blogger walker and fellow friends who view this new entry post . Just want to say THANK YOU !

Okay by the way , today is last day korean students in my school for learning English they going back when I not really sure yet . But I really feel quite a lil bit #litter bit only okay ? haha , but I still feel so happy cauase I snap with KOREAN STUDENTS finally I stand out myself to snap with them .

Me with Jun young kim is his name :D #sorry ignore my face I look weird in here .

After finish our snap I say " gamsahabnida ! " in korea and he say " xie xie " back to me , I was like omg . So happy ,. Some of them quite sporting , some of them really have a bad attitude -- .

Before u at those picture , don't forget to comment in this entry jyeah ? Thank u ! 

Jyeah this is , so enjoyed yourself to viewing this picture . So bye :D


said... [Reply to Comment]

I love anything bout Korea too. Haha. Dah bace entri you before this, but didnt leave any comment. Btw, I think u're much more cuter than those Koreans. hehe. Best giler dapat jumpa Koreans!


CynthiaShin 欣倪♥ said... [Reply to Comment]

@Haha I much more cuter than those koreans ? Omg I'm not just a simple girl . there are more cuter than me .

Btw Thank you <3

Fyffah said... [Reply to Comment]

shin ! are they dat tall ?? cool ! so envious ! ^__________^

Pyka Patrick said... [Reply to Comment]

OMG! I'm jealous with this.haha! untungnya :)

CynthiaShin 欣倪♥ said... [Reply to Comment]

@Pyka PatrickJangan untung sangat haha :P

CynthiaShin 欣倪♥ said... [Reply to Comment]

@FyffahYup there are that tall . even girl to :)

same goes me to so envious and jealous :/

Nyd Violet said... [Reply to Comment]

wowww !

CynthiaShin 欣倪♥ said... [Reply to Comment]

@Nyd VioletPerlu ke wow smpai mcm ni ? haha