Per-Order 1pair Contact Lens Rm10


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low-cost pre-order ^ ^
Up to 70 models can pre-order!
Super candy / Royal Barbie / Still 12 be only RM5 / 1 pair
The added red styles so that everyone pre-order, the price RM8 / 1
Limited to 0 degrees, degree qualified models can pre-order list for the degree 0-1000 * see below

1 month of acquiring the time, two months after the goods arrive.
Any number can be directly under the single ~
More attention to details like him to predict the profession, Thank you for support use !
Deadline :10 -10-11
Arrival date: 2 months after the estimated delivery
- This pre getting goods directly to South Korean factories, two months after the next single after arrival, anxious waitress who can take spot
- Follow style restaurant can be pre / degree of orders, such as the restaurant will be allowed to help find errors replace / replace the notification
- Our rules and regulations and agree to be after money, not to request a refund for any reason
- If no errors are not sent after the replacement, unless the shop sent the wrong, do not say the wrong degrees / colors / sizes like grounds, restaurant will not accept a replacement ~

Can pre-order degree of style is as follows:
1-Mavis red 0-800 * 50step RM8 / 1
2-Luna Black 0-1000 * 25step
3-King Black 0-1000 * 25step
4-Nudy Brown, grey, blue, violet, sky, pink 0-1000 * 25step, green 0
5-Mavis brown, choco, grey, blue, violet, pink 0-1000 * 25step, green 0-1000 * 50step
6-Sweet brown, grey, blue, violet, pink 0-1000 * 25step, green 0-600 * 50step
7-Puffy brown, grey, blue, violet, pink 0-1000 * 25step, green 0-1000 * 50step
8-Zeus brown, grey, blue, violet, pink 0-1000 * 25step, green 0
9-Crystal nudy brown, grey, blue, violet, pink 0-1000 * 25step green 0
10-Bambi 3tone brown, grey, blue, turquoise, violet, green 0-1000 * 25step
11-Leto 3tone Series 15.5mm honey, grey, blue, violet, green 0-1000 * 50step


Nur Dania Batrisyia said... [Reply to Comment]

ten ringgit only ? :O ouh , I would love to have one , I would PM you soon okayy :D YEAAAAAAAAAY *

CynthiaShin 欣倪♥ said... [Reply to Comment]

@Nur Dania BatrisyiaJyeah only Rm10 but you must wait for 2 months only you will get your lens . Sure you can PM me anytime.

firah.. said... [Reply to Comment]

how much postage?

nurmiza ismahani said... [Reply to Comment]

sume contact lens ni ade stock lgi? sye nk bli jgak untk business online di FB sye^^ thx