Tagged Game


Rules :
-You must post these rules.
-Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
-Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post. And create eleven new questions for the people you tagged to answer.
-You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them to the post.
-Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
-No tag backs.
-No stuff in the tagging section about 'You are tagged if you are reading this' you legitimately (a.k.a really, trust, with all honesty) have to tag 11 people.

11 thing about me .
  1. A chinese girl 
  2. A girl who love music so much 
  3. A girl who really believe what is call true love 
  4. A girl who love her family and buddy 
  5. A girl who love to cry
  6. A girl who emotional 
  7. A girl who love to acting like an idiot
  8. A girl who hate rat so much
  9. A girl who like to hangout with her buddy and friends
  10. A girl who really hate people ' wR0tE LiK3 tHis ' 
  11. A girl who love singing so much 

Question Glow :
1. Favourite colour? Bluek and black2. Short or long pants? Short pants3. Hobby? Singing4. Benda yang anda paling benci? Kena game dengan lelaki and kena tipu5. Perkara paling tak senonoh anda buat? Kissing #IThinkSo6. Lagu kesukaan? Banyak oh7. The best achievements in your life? Berani berdiri atas pentas sekolah and menyanyi #IThinkSo8. Berapa lama masa anda habiskan depan laptop/pc sehari? 24 Hours haha .9. Benda paling wajib kena ada masa anda tengah hangout? Baju and pants haha .10. Mcd , KFC or Pizza? MCD and KFC11. What type of boy/girl that you like? Gentlemen , good , sincere .

Question Scha
1. Kpop
2. Snsd
3. Beast
4. Love
5. Blue
6. Friend problem , because of those idiot people keeping talk shit about me .
7. I do love
8. Blog
9. Do become a good girl #Haha
10. Malaysian food
11. No I don't think I pretty enough .
Question Fiza
1. kit kat or cadbury ? KitKat2. pink or white ? White3. novel or facebook ? Facebook4. harry potter or twilight ? Twilight5. shinee or infinite ? Shinee6. rebina or milo ? Milo7. KFC or MCD ? MCD8. maxis , celcom or digi ? Maxis9. laptop or komputer ? Laptop10. nokia or sony ericsson ? Sony Ericsson11. google chrome or firefox ? Firefox

Question Marlyana Syaza
1. Who your first love? Hafiz2. What are you doing when you are getting bored? Online / on the phone / sms3. Your phone? What type? Motorola #Cheap phone4. Your zodiac? Ey I don't know what it called in english #Sorry5. What's your favourite food? Malaysian food6. In your opinion, why we had a long sleep at night but not in the evening? Because our body need some rest during midnight .7. How you manage the hard situation? Just acting like nothing happen .8. What's your mother name? Choo Guat Hong9. Your age on 18 years later? 33 years old10. What did you do when you log in your fb and then you see no notifications? Cool down yourself .11. What do you think about my question? Not bad .

Qustion Sarah Yasmin 
-What is your favorite animal? Suger Glider-If you got 1 million ringgit, what would you do? Give to my parents and have a awesome vacation
-Do you want a twin sister/brother? Why? Twin sister , because I can make people confused
-In the entire world, where is the place that your dying to go? Korea-Any musical instrument that you like? Guitar-What language that you like the most? English and Chinese-Your favorite color? Why? White , because it make me feel cool .-Your favorite subject? English and Bahasa Melayu-love or to be love? To be love-Your favorite sports? Bowling
-Do you like visiting my blog? why? Yes I like because it look awesome and your entry post're really good to .

Question Ira Syahirah
1. Korea or Malaysia ? Born in Malaysia but love Korea to .2. Doraemon or Hagemaru ? Doraemon
3. Hagen danz or Baskin robin ? Baskin Robin4. Tutti Frutti or Ducth Lady ? Tutti Frutti5. Mcflurry oreo or Mcflurry Milo ? Mcflurry Milo6. Nasi Goreng or Nasi Ayam ? Nasi goreng7. Family or Boyfriends ? Family for sure .8. Facebook or Twitter ? Twitter9. Ikan or Ayam ? Ayam10. Ice cream or Jelly ? Ice Cream
11.Oreo or Chips More ? Oreo

Question Atu lRana
1 . kalau awak sayang someone , awak akan buad apea ? what-ever that can make he happy.2. kalau awak dilukai , awak menanges takkk ? Confirm nangis teruk
3. kalauuu awak boasan awak buad apea ? Texting and online
4. minat korean ? sapea ? Minat lah juga , GD5.kenapa orang sekarang semua kejar HOT ? Because nak jadi famous
6. kenapa lelaki sekarang asyik saketkan hati girl ? For me sekarang girl pula yang sakit hati lelaki .7. lagu apea hot sekarangggg ? I don't know haha , because for me all lagu hot .8 . awak edit gambar guna photoshop apa ??nak jugak xD Tak guna photoshop pun .9. awak kenal saya takk --' Kenal10 . fb awak hapehh hah ? #nak add Cynthia Shin11. siapa yang penting dalam hidup awak ??? Parents 

Question Nicol
1. Do you love your life? Sometimes I did , sometimes I didn't
2. What will you do if someone misunderstands you? I will show it that you're misunderstands about me
3. Whats your favorite color? White4. How are you? Pretty well5. Prefer to love or being loved? Being loved6. Take a picture or have your picture taken? Take a picture7. Social network you use most? Facebook , twitter and blog
8. Favorite all-time quote? Can't remember it .9. The meaning of your blog URL? TheOnlyDaughterOfLee that mean I'm the only daughter at my house .10. Can you live without internet connection? I think I can #Maybe11. Love me? LOL. love

Question Aimi
1. Your full name ? Cynthia Xin Ni Lee2. Your age ? 15 years old .3. What things that you addicted ? Fashion4. Single or Taken ? Single5. What are you want in your life ? Beautiful dress6. Do you have admire ? I don't know .7. What your favourite colour ? White8. Your favourite day ? Saturday
9. Things that you hate ? People cheating me
10. Favourite subject ? English and Malay11. K- pop lover ? Not really .

My Question .
1. Family or boyfriend ?
2. Boyfriend or friend ?
3. Justin Bieber or Miyyo Azman ?
4. Ugly or Pretty ?
5. Facebook or blog ?
6. Phone or computer ?
7. Blackberry or Iphone 5 ?
8. Chocolate or tutti fruitti ?
9. What is my facebook name ?
10. Do you love me ?
11. Hater or stalker ?

Okay that all I just can answer it , and I don't know want to tag for who because I know much of them have been tag by someone else so if you feel want to play this tagged game just go a head .