How to get a beautiful and soft hair.

So hello blogger , how are youuuuuu ? Did you guys miss me ? *Laughing alone*

 By the way , have been a long time I didn't update anything at my blog , and I know like almot a year ? 
Or more then a year ? 
I dont know but now im trying to active myself at blog world , so far so good I hope all been well .

So today im gonna share some tips how to I take care my hair , im not muslim so im not wearing tudung . But people who wear tudung doesn't mean they dont have to take care of their hair.

Rambut merupakan satu perhiasan penting juga , bayangkan bila korang tidak ada rambut ? What it will look like ? Like this .....

hahaha just joking , so im gonna share few tips . Hope you guys enjoy it .

1. The most important thing , wash your hair everyday . No one like smelly hair its ? So make sure you wash  your hair everyday , but dont use shampoo that have alkohol inside . Cause its will make your hair get more dry.

2. Dont use hair dryer to dry your hair , because the heat at the hair dryer you hair will get damage more faster and dry like what people say lama lama nanti rambut bercabang macam afroooo ! So let your hair just kering secara alami. Or tak pun keringkan rambut dengan kipas or hair dryer but bukan dengan heat yang tinggi okay ? Just a normal heat yang tak panas .

3. After wash your hair make sure you use serum , serum is important for a hair. Or not nanti rambut end end rambut too jadi kering or tak cabang. 

4.Cut your end of your hair like 6-8 weeks , baru nampak kemas sikit . Tak laa serabut bila orang tengok. Macam rambut saya malas nak pergi potong haha too yang serabut :P 

5. Use hair mask , one week twice . So your hair will look more smooth and shining .

So I hope you guys enjoy my hair tips , sorry lah guna bahasa rojak campur aduk.

Gooodbye see you at my next post . 

Cyntia Lee , xoxo


Mish Apple said... [Reply to Comment]

Amboi, dah rojak, campur, dah campur aduk pulak. Haha. Nice tips. :)

priyadarshini said... [Reply to Comment]

Nice tips.. Nanti saya cuba ikut.. Thanks.. ;D