Tutorial : Facebook Chat cute layout

Hello blogger I know I have been a long time didn't update any tutorial blog or whatever cause actually like seriously I dont really have the mood too edit my blog thats why if you can see my blog nowadays it just so simple. Just a simple bacground and thoose bio and bla bla bla but today Im gonna teach you guys how too have a facebok chat cute layout. I saw many people updating about it so im gonna share this tutorial too yo guys who didn't know about this cute layout on your facebook chat even I know nowadays many people already move too twitter but why not like sharing is caring what so lets start this tutorial.  

 So for the look of your Facebook chat cute layout it will look like this ,

all you need too do is >click here< then you click this after you open the website

Then after you click thee green button then the layout will pop out something that will right " add ' facebook chat layout? ' " Then just click thee button >Add<

then you sign in your facebook it will pop out this at your facebbok right hand side just like this ,

Just click it and you'reeeeee done the finally result will look like this ,

And doneeee , Good luck guys !

Cynthia lee xoxox 

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