Eat but free from over weight


Good afternoon , 

today title is ' Eat but free from over weight ' ? Huh ? Mesti otak automatik terfikir makan but can free from over weight ? That's sound interesting right ? So what are you waiting for so as people who know me *bajet* that I stay at Penang , and people who come too Penang before they know Penang is a place that full with those nice old shop , baba and nyonya , beach and the most important thing that you come too Penang and you have too try its PENANG FOOD !

Like what Penang people say 
' Mai Penang tak makan makanan Penang memang macam tak pernah datang penang ' 
so actually today im not gonna story about Penang food or what but I gonna tell and share with you guys that I read at magazine Yezz  the correct time proper meals.

The following is the proper time to eat :

7:00 - 8:00 morning | breakfast 

  • Breakfast is the most important think that you have do early in the morning. You didn't take your breakfast I can confirm you will feel so sleep during at the class or school. You will get bored and feel so hungry during at the class. So dont forget too take your breakfast before you going too school or work.

10:00 morning | Kudapan / snack 

  • While this body has used 20% of the sugar in the muscle substance. Carbohydrate low fat snack like a banana or apple suit to add your energy at that time.
1:00PM noon |  Lunch 

  • During this time most of school student and worker are getting their lunch but make sure its the time if you take your lunch at 2p or 3pm your body will consume more calories at your body than you will get fat so easier. 
3:00PM noon  |  Kudapan / snack

  • At this time your stomach will feel like wanna eat something and you can eat wheat biscuits that's a good choice.
5:00PM - 7:00PM  | Dinner

  • At this time,your body has enough time to properly digest food before sleeping . After that time make your body have not enough time too digest food so that the reason why people get fat . And make sure you dont eat snack after your dinner. 
Hope it will help you guys on your meal how too eat correct time so you dont get fat ! 

Thank you !

Cynthia lee . xoxo