Shop with Zalora !


I order a parcel from zalora , and yes I got it just now and im so so excited too posted it and share with you guys what I bought from Zalora .

But before I share with you guys I want too talk abit about Zalora , many of them say like Zalora give bad service about the parcel . But for me okay sahaja no problem about the parcel.

And masa parcel sampai dekat owner , okay sahaja I order if tak silap last Saturday and I got it from Monday so its today its take only 3 days too reach my item . So no problem Zalora give the most nice service ever laa. Kepada siapa yang kata Zalora bagi bad service too korang silap beli online shop Zalora kot hakhakhak

So now too the main point I bought a heels and guys what its just kos RM25 WITH SHIPPING
LIKE CHEAP EVER ! First time I bought a heels that just cos that cheap .


Yes like gorgeous like selalunya heels macam ni dekat luar jual nak dekat Rm100 juga lah but I bought for only RM25 OH GOSH BEBALOI GILA !

and it come with a return slip so if you think the size its not the size that you want you can return it too them and info them what size you want and they come with a 10% voucher for me and for sure I will use it and I will shop with ZALORA again !

Picture im wearing the heels , comfortable and nice too walk.

So what are you guys waiting come shop with ZALORA !


詹秀燕 (阿燕) said... [Reply to Comment]

OMG ! Only rm25 ? So lucy lah you T.T . Btw , love d heels and very fit with you :)))))

CynthiaShin 欣倪♥ said... [Reply to Comment]

@詹秀燕 (阿燕)Yesss hihi , thanks :D