I'm Single now

Hello blogger walker.How are you?I'm pretty fine and always.Okay you can see my title post ( I'M SINGLE NOW ) haha.Oh yeah,I just couple for a week ago but now why I'm single cause I'm a player?Cause he is a player?Nah,Don't think use like this okay?He say that he still can't love me and he try to love me before this but he still can't cause his heart still remember and loving his ex girlfriend.And I understand his feeling and I accept the breakup from he.Yes,It kind hurt my heart but it okay I understand you.And he say that I'm the 1st girl that can understand he.haha I'm happy what that he say this to me.I really apperciate for all that you do for me and you singing a song for me at the phone.Okay Ammar I say Ily went the begin and I say Ily to at the end.Okay ammar wish you happy for always.I will always support you peace for it (:

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