12 February 2011 (:

Hello blogger walker.Today I'm going to story about yesterday.Oh yeah,Yesterday I went to summit to play bowling.And I went there about 10 like this.And went I was there I though no one at there but suddenly I saw my friend walk out from the life and I say oh my god,I have friend haha xD .And went about 12 like this teacher come already and we get ready for What?Of course,BOWLING TIME haha I pay for 3 frame price.And I play for non stop and it to awesome babe.Haha even my hand and body all full with pain pain and pain but nevermind it okay.Fall in love with bowling (: and play and play and play till 2pm like this.And we get so bored we go in to KTV and sing some song.And I sing for 5 time haha macam orang gila kud bhaha xD

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