Don't celebrate valentines day?

Hello blogger walker.How are you?I'm so far so good than haha.Okay today titile.Can you see your own my post titile ( DON'T CELEBRATE VALENTINES DAY ? ) Eh this post cause I see ramai my member malay keeping say this kind of stuff but some of them say will celebrate valentines to.I don't get it why.Some of post status I got from my facebook status sorry if siapa punya status word ada kat situ if tak minta kebenaraan Example : I say we should kick that shity day off the Valentines day
because im muslim , We don't celebrate valentine day,Say no to valentines day.macam macam lagi lah I tengok.

But for mine oppinion even I 'm not a muslim girl or whatever.For me valentine is just same like every day what you did to your boyfriend.Okay I never celebrate valentines cause I think valentines is everyday even I don't have any boyfried but whatever.Okay at valentines always what will you do give flower?Give them some parents or gifts?Give them a sweet kiss?Or a hug?This is what a couple can do for everyday okay?

In my life no valentines for me cause I did meet any nice guy yet.So whatever I want to say valentines just like everyday what can you do with you boyfriend.

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