About Cynthia Shin :D


Name : Cynthia Xin Ni Lee

Nick name : Cynthia,Shin,Xin Ni or Amoyy.

Age : Fifteen :D

Birth : 14.10.1996

Place Birth : Hospital seberang jaya

Religious : Chinese.

Stay : Penang.

Hometown : Kedah and Sarawak.

Hobby : Singing , Facebooking , Blogging , Laugh like a crazy people ,Gosssiping.

Relationship : Single :D

Interests : Photography , Singing , Dancing

Family members:

1.Father : Desmond Yen Fui Lee

2.Mother : Choo Guat Hong

3.First lil brother : Elwin Zheng Xun Lee

4.Second lil brother : Joshu Zheng Jin Lee


Kindergarten Wonderkiddos

SJK(C)Keow Kuang ( yeahh study at chinese school but my chinese fail for always )

Smk Taman sejahtera since 2009 to 2010

Smk Permai Indah since 2010 to now :D

My attitude

-Like to smile

Like to laugh

-Act like stupid person



-Suka jerit macam orang gila

-Friendly terlebih

-Like to help my friends

-Like freedom

-Like to sleep

-Like to eat

-Susah merajok and senang merajok juga haha xp

-Like to cry alone

-Like to do funny face

-Like to make my friends happy went there are with me

I hate it.

-My friend talking bad about me.



-Stomach ache

-Sakit gigi

-Tak ada orang yang boleh dimanjakan :P

-Run out of credit

-Stay at home

-No money

Paling pantang orang dok kutuk I berlakang I.If you don't like me just Face to face.

Raja kat rumah I mengampuk naik angin ( mama :P )

The " FIRST TIME " For Me

-First time I don't have boyfriend for one year.

-First time went I was crying like a babyy

-First time like korea and kpop

-First time don't have any smile or laughing at my face

-First time kena marah with my mom

-First time I have a boyfriend

What I like to talk and say.




Babiii ahhh

Buntot ahhh

Ni mama de -,-


Got to hell

Want to know more about me info me or find me on facebook : Cynthia Shin

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