Errr hate it I think so.


Okay I just come back from my school tuition. And I'm so angry now I just come back from school and go to in front of my pc to update this post. I don't get it why I'm so angry now even I and he don't have any relationship but I'm so angry now cause I really hate people action in front of me.

Okay don't say just now yesterday I don't know why that Si F kan so so like action lah nak jumpa show off yang dia couple with that Si J Oh gosh. Euuwwwwwwwwwwwwww , Si F to smpai sanggup salin balik msg yg dia pe dok msg and show dkt kwn dia . Oh damn, nmpak sgt right that dia show off? Okay even her friends call she copy down it but I don't think so that you guys will do the samething like what that she do right?

It sangat menujuk yg dia nak show off that dia couple with that Si J. Hey minah jgn dok syok lah weyhh kau to baru form brapa couple dgn si J to Euwww tak kekal ke mn.

Name pun Cinta Zaman Persekolahan. Otak to blum cukup mantang lgi errr :'/

Budak skolah aku if korang baca ni terasa. Ada aku kisah ? Ahahahha :xD

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