I felt so proud :)


Okay today at school is freaking awesome beb. A form2 students come to my class and ask " Who is Cynthia " And I say is me, Why ? And they say my English teacher call me to the stuff room. And I say " Oh okay I go there later "

When I walk to the stuff room. My teacher call me name " CYNTHIA !! " And I just walk to my teacher suddenly a chinese teacher sorry not really know that teacher name, and a India teacher take a look at me. And they just like get shocked they just like though which Cynthia coming I'm not really sure about that.

And suddenly my " SCANDLE " teacher coming to me. Haha and he come and touch my hand he call me dance at the stuff room he say that I teach he dancing at my class hey yo I didn't teach he. Its he call me to dance with he and I just okay cause I'm so boredom that time haha. And the chinese teacher and india teacher say wow you the one that can speak fluent at your malay.

And I say " yes teacher, that me " with a pround sound haha :P . And teacher ask me where did you study at your primary school. And I say I even study at Chinese at my primary school but I'm not really good at my chinese writing haha. Sound weird but whatever.

And all teacher just like talking about me at that stuff room. I felt so pround haha.

P/S : Hey for those don't like with this post and think that I'm show off my self. Get lose okay fucker. This is my blog so I can write whatever I wan.t I just express my feeling here.

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