Tips for get a awesome great hair.


So hello guys, welcome to this post okay You guys can saw it true my post title right ? So I not need to explain to much for this title so let go to the point. :face76: Okay actually some of them that ask me why my hair look so soft and straight:s: I don't really have a awesome hair cause I think my hair is nothing just a simple hair nothing special about my hair. Haha :face73:

1. WASH YOUR HAIR SOFTLY . Okay please wash your hair softly don't be so rude with your hair. Your hair it just like your baby boo. So take good care at it. Bila cuci rambut to jangan lah shampoo to tuang dkt tgan than just put on top your hair. That totally wrong :p:Gosak kan shampoo to with tapak tangan you dulu baru lah buh dkt rambut to. But tlg jgn buh at tengah rambut to sbb that part is the most week place at our hair.

2. DRY YOUR HAIR BEFORE YOU COMB YOUR HAIR. Okay, went you wash your hair , your hair is in wet conditions please don't just comb your hair it to bad for your hair. Dry your hair first okay? And when your try to dry your hair jgn dkt kan hair dryer to. It will burn your hair. So please don't to close the hair dryer with your hair.

3.GET A SUITABLE SHAMPOO FOR YOUR HAIR. Okay, this is the important past to sometimes. Please don't choose shampoo that not suitable with your hair. If you rambut berminyak please choose a suitable hair shampoo for your oily hair.

This 3 is what I do for every day. And for me this 3 tips is most important without all this steps I will not get a hair that what I got for today. So hop you guys enjoy with my tips byebye :face69:

P/S : sorry for my broken language xD :face48:

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