Happy Mother day guyss and mommy outside there


So hello guys what a great morning with a great post. Yeah hahah So I just want to wish everybody and all mommy in this world that HAPPY MOTHER DAY . Mom okay you memang kuat membebal but mommy Iloveyou :n:serious even sometimes serious I think before , that why you born me out. Cause you look like so hate me I don't know why I have this opinion But just forget it. Mom I not really a good daughter :face59:cause I always didn't follow your direction you call me to help you do this but I didn't do it. You call me to mop the floor but I didn't do it.

Seriously I say I not a good daughter we always make you angry for sometimes. But mom without you I will not be here. I don't have the dare to say HAPPY MOTHER DAY in front of you cause I feel shame and shy. I don't have the dare at all, but mom in here I way to say again HAPPY MOTHER DAY:face57:. and HAPPY MOTHER:face50: to all mommy in this world.

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