Oh my godnesssssss it so so so HOT

Oh my godniesssssssssssssssss , serious I'm so hot now. I non stop saying to my mom I'm so hot. you know hot ? Hot mean panas , You know panas ? Panas mean hangat , You know hangat ? Hangat mean HOT lah. Awww still can't understand what am I talking about ? Okay go and open your dictionary okay to get what I mean :P . haha

Okay seriously lah since yesterday night I feel so hot even the fan just in front me only. Oh my sampai berpuluh serupa macam baru lepas makan cili padi yang kecik-2 to haha.

Than just now I ate a laksa Oh my god. My hot become more and more. Wa bgth lu wa mmg tgh panas lu tahu tak hah ? Wa rasa mcm nk buka bju juga dpn ruang tamu ni but my mom ada shy shy mahhhhhhhhh xD

Okay actually I just want to say that I'M SO HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT AND LASTLY HOT AGAIN

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