Remove Subscribe to : Posts

So I today tutorial is going to teach you guys how to remove Subscribe to : posts , Don't know what is that ? Try you tengok paling bawah blog you confirm will come out this thing , so today I'm going teach you guys how to remove it. Cause if you remove if your blog will look more pretty , tidy and clean .

Okay first of all I forget where didn't I get this tutorial so jangan ikut suka mulut wangi you to kata I copy and paste it okay ? If I ingat I ambil dari mana confirm I will put credit. Okay ? So let start it ;)

1step Dashboard - design - edit HTML - Tick Widget Templates and search for this code
<!-- feed links -->

Got it right ? So try look under this code <!-- feed links --> have this code right
<!-- feed links-->
<b:include name='feedLinks'/>

Okay so now you change that code to this code ,
<!-- feed links
<b:include name='feedLinks'/> -->

Okay so done. For more save click preview first. So enjoy it :) :face76: