Hater episod 3

LOL hello friends and blogger , saw my title right ? Okay sebelum if tak silap ada 2 post about hater I kan ? Or 3 ? Not really sure by the way , if tiap-tiap hari ada hater comment at my formspring I rasa kan I boleh buat like drama siap berepisod lagi oh , quite proud xD

Saw  it ? That what we call 'idiot' okay ? So please kanak-kanak luar sana #macam lah ada budak baca blog aku haha xD . Please don't be like she/he , this a bad attitude tuhan ajar hambanya benda yang baik not like she/he  . Tuhan ajar benda yang baik saja , tuhan tak pernah ajar hambanya maki kaum or bangsa orang lain .

Even agama muslim pun same right ? We have to be nice with each races or religion . Don't judge a book with a cover , if you didn't open it and read how u know that the book is interesting or not .

if you still want to do like just go a head aku nak tengok sampai bila kau nak jadi COWARD/PENAKUT/PENGECUT .

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