So today khamis kan ? of course lah #nonsense . So hari ni nothing happen at school lah . Macam biasa hari ni ada PJK , so PJK I pun tak main lah sangat cause tolong cikgu at computer lab .

So straight to the point , PMR is walking around my brain . I don't know what should I do now , I can't remember anything . I just takut I will fail at my math , history and science . I so afraid . Subject lain maybe boleh lah lagi nak pass bukan boleh lah but 99.99% confirm I can . Mesti kena dpat A okay ? Harap-harap sangat lah please god , I want to pass at my all subject , I hop really hop so .

God bless me please .


namivamp said... [Reply to Comment]

pjk class is the most boring part of my life. so i rarely attend it and went to library ;)

good luck for your pmr test.
dont worry if you make efforts you sure can get A for your subjects.fighting!

CynthiaShin 欣倪♥ said... [Reply to Comment]

@namivampI like PJK but just quite bored today don't have any mood for PJ .

Thank for your advice I will always remember it :)

Anonymous said... [Reply to Comment]

good luck 4 ur pmr :)

CynthiaShin 欣倪♥ said... [Reply to Comment]

@AINA UNGUThank you :)