Tutorial : How to print screen using photoscape


This tutorial is request by someone at my facebook so let's start it .

Step1 , Open your photoscape sofware .

Step2 .

Step3 Press Capture Full Screen or Capture window , If capture full screen it will become like this ,

If capture window just select which part that you want to capture and double click it .

Step4 . Save


I-k2 IsT said... [Reply to Comment]

tengs 4 the tuto :)

CynthiaShin 欣倪♥ said... [Reply to Comment]

@I-k2 IsTYou're welcome (:

KawaiiLovah said... [Reply to Comment]

LOL!! The funny thing is, I didn't know the photoscape had a print screen.. XD ehehe.. ;D Thanks for sharing it to us!! ^_^

CynthiaShin 欣倪♥ said... [Reply to Comment]

@KawaiiLovahHaha you're welcome :)