Tutorial : Twitter status at your facebook wall .


 First go to your Facebook search for ' Twitter ' 

 Then double click it , click ' Go to app ' . Make sure that you sign in to your twitter account .

 Then ,

 lastly ,

Then Save .


Dunaz said... [Reply to Comment]

Hi, honey. I got to send you a message the last time I visited your blog ... Well, I really liked it.
except that, well, I remember you had a different song playing in it. It was more romantic and I found it very beautiful. I would like to know her name (if you remember, of course.). And I would also say that I loved the strawberry of signature.
Take care of yourself.

CynthiaShin 欣倪♥ said... [Reply to Comment]

@DunazOh yay thank I think is called random awesome by yuna :)

Dunaz said... [Reply to Comment]

Hi! ^^ Thank you!!! So much! Be care!!

CynthiaShin 欣倪♥ said... [Reply to Comment]

@DunazYou're welcome :)