Aly Mok :P

Hello blogger walker sekalian.Saya hari ini Cynthia's Shin Lee ingin mencertikan tentang VVIP at my heart itu adalah Aly Mok that what I call she.Haha Okay I know she at facebook but actually dulu kita arrogant with each other haha.And we rapat disebabkan itu F lah itu F Aly Mok tahu lah I sebut siapa haha.Okay babe you know you change to much now.You not the old Aly that I know the old Aly look like this

With dye hair and sexy look kud.But now babe you know what you look so diffrent for me.And I fell proud for you.I don't care people say that you look weird or what but you know what you look so perfect for me with this look

Serupa ustaza dah member I seorang ni.Babe I fell proud with your change.And you did it babe.You are change your follow your religion and rajin sembayang dah ek now?Good good always do that cause it will open your real heart.I fell proud for you.Keep in on I will always support you (:

This sign photo is own here Aly Mok.No one can own this picture cause this own to she.And ignore my face please?It to ugly fokus at the name at my hand.ALY MOK (:

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