My 600 follower ( Award )

So today coming back from school . Straight to my pc and on my blog. I can't stay without my blog for a day. Haha I know I'm a weird person for me my blog is my part of my life cause I story and share thing in here :face45:

So today I want to give she a award ? What award ? And who is she ? Award for my be my 600 ke follower . Siapa lah lucky sangat dapat award saya yang ke 600 follower to ? She is Pyka .

Lucky kan girl ni ? But rasa bersalah dekat dia cause I bukan reti sangat edit gambar and award yang I create ni pun tak seberapa mana haha.

This is the award picture that create by Cynthia Shin that is me :n:

Sorry lah award tak seberapa haha. But hop you like it. If nak ambil lah if tak nak pun tak apa hee :face52:

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