Korea students is coming to my school ?


Okay so I just coming back from school , by the way I hear something from my friends even school teacher to . They tell me then Korean is coming to our school , and I was like " are you serious ? "

Serious that time I was like trying to scream as loud I can . happy gila weyhhh . First time kud korean come to our school it just like magic school biasa macam school I ni pun ada korean nak datang ? Or tak selalunya school yang famous famous or yang hot hot baru ada petukaran pelajar right ? But bila I ask my teacher they say bukan petukaran pelajar , apa benda tah cikgu bagitahu tadi I forget already .
But it's okay promise all this is gone through on , So hope semua berjalan dengan lancar okay ? Harap-harap our school will do the best and membuatkan korean itu suka akan school kita hee :) 

Happy <3

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