People like a jurk --

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 Manusia yang terbodah lah sungguh I kata , I sebelum ini ada post kan about satu hater yang ask me something stupid at my formspring right ? U forget it ? It okay just go to this link
  to read back for those who don't know what is going on actually .

Okay aku tak tahu why u trying to be my hater , maybe I'm perfect then u or awesome then u I don't know what is the reason make u so hate ,  but please stop all this ? I'm tired I try to be good so please respect me ? If u respect me I will do the same thing to . I don't like people be my hater , HATER MAKE PEOPLE FAMOUS u must remember this , That why kebanyakan budak hot ramai hater #betol ke budak hot ramai hater ? I pun don't know I just guess only .

So please stop all this u are trying to act like a idiot u know ? What are u doing now is just like a idiot ,  So faham-faham lah okay ? If u keeping do like this serious show yourself okay ? Biar face to face tak puas hati cakap depan-depan tak perlu naik maki maki aku dekat formspring bagai , serupa like an immature