Hello Hater , if aku cina ada ke aku terkacau hidup mak bapa kau ? Part2

So yesterday I have post about what my hater say about me right ? So for those who don't know or didn't read that entry yet try to have a look in HERE . So what u think ? Racist ? Jyeah quite actually .

By the way , today I'm going to upload some picture that what my blogger friends and facebook friends say about that stupid coward . So have a look guys :)




 Attention to coward : So I know u are reading my entry jyeah , so what u think about people talking about your stupid way ? Still nak berterusan dengan coward kau to ? I'm Cynthia Shin not a coward like u , siapa cabar I , I akan balas 2 kali ganda even more okay ? So please show yourself before u want to judge people . Thank u :)